Braxton Phibes Pottery - SALE!

  • Braxton's Mugs Braxton's Mugs
    Come see a tasty selection of mugs with the drippiest, trippy-est glazes this side of a Peter Max poster.
  • Braxton's Oil Bottles Braxton's Oil Bottles
    Fill these little gems with olive oil, canola oil, love oil or whatever suits your fancy for whatever thing you want to do.
  • Braxton's Bowls Braxton's Bowls
    Braxton's bowl making prowess is raved about throughout the known universe. The ghost of Shoji Hamada once said, "If only I had made bowls like this while I was alive."
  • Braxton's Bozos and Boners Bargain Bonanza Braxton's Bozos and Boners Bargain Bonanza
    Every great artist makes a lot of weird crap and just plain stupid shit on the way to greatness. This is where you will find such items at a vastly reduced price.